Meaning of the name FángSòng

“The importance of letting go”
It is a principle from the movement arts Taijiquan and Qigong.
“Fáng” means to release or to let go. “Sòng”  means looseness.
Together they are translated as relax.
The Chinese term indicates that you have to let everything happen if you want to be really relaxed.

Our vision

Massage has been a practice for thousands of years mainly intended to stimulate us and maintain our health. Just think of the Indian variants and Eastern techniques. Hippocrates also recognized that massage improved the functions of the body.

Massages have a beneficial effect on the body and mind and help us to remove blockages, which often have an emotional origin. A relaxation massage brings us to rest, a rest that lasts for a long time. In addition, the touches ensure good blood circulation, which has a stimulating effect and positively influences the natural production of four different hormones. In short, a massage makes us happy.

With the following useful tips, we ensure that the positive effects of the massages continue to work even longer.

Keep actively working on your health

Massage stimulates blood circulation, helps joints and muscles to stay more flexible, removes toxins from the body and improves the condition of the skin. However, these positive effects are not a license to do nothing about your health yourself. These beneficial effects will only come into their own if you also, exercise enough and eat healthily. Massage is not intended to be a substitute or alternative to sports and a healthy diet. It is intended to supplement and support optimal health.

Drink plenty of water after the massage

The massage stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism of your body. Your body works harder to remove waste products and therefore needs more water to successfully fulfil this task. It is therefore recommended to drink after the massage. By drinking enough you support the increased circulation that the massage has brought about. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol, as these drinks actually dehydrate the body.

Become more aware of your own body

Getting a massage regularly contributes to a better awareness of your own body. You notice faster when you exceed your limits and where aches and pains come from. What does this do to your body? Are you noticing changes in your body? Let us know if you notice any changes. It is important for us to know how your body reacts to the massages so that we can tailor the massages accordingly and you benefit even more.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
-George Eliot-

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